The Right Level performs all the functions of a spirit or bubble level—and then some:

  • The Right Level confirms a right angle between two long, intersecting objects, such as framing material or masonry walls, more precisely than even the largest framing square using an easy-to-follow, three-step procedure (see Instructions).
  • The Right Level is a lean construction tool, saving time and labor by requiring only one person—rather than two using a tape measure—to accurately apply the 3-4-5 rule (based on the Pythagorean Theorem) (see Instructions).
  • The Right Level contains asymmetrical beveled edges—which, together, form complementary angles—to quickly form a right triangle with the intersecting objects (see Features).
  • The Right Level includes 11 strategically placed vials for tackling a variety of horizontal and vertical layouts (see Aluminum I-Beam).
  • The Right Level has seven magnets on its bottom and eight magnets under a rubber bumper on each edge to hold it in place while working with metal framing (see Aluminum I-Beam).
  • The Right Level can simultaneously determine if two objects—not necessarily touching—are level and plumb in relation to each other.
  • By rotating its direction, The Right Level is capable of measuring shorter, confined objects for perpendicularity.
  • The Right Level is 5 feet long on its base, guaranteeing greater accuracy than a standard 4-foot-long level (see Features).
  • The Right Level provides a directional arrow, built-in side ruler, and numbered edge markings on both sides to simplify its use (see Features).
  • To meet the demanding requirements of a construction environment, The Right Level is solid and rugged, built to last a lifetime of repeated use.
  • The Right Level contains no potentially hazardous lasers or fragile moving parts.