Advantages of The Right Level

The Right Level performs all of the functions of a spirit level—and then some:

  • The Right Level confirms a right angle between two long, intersecting objects more precisely than a framing square using an easy-to-follow, three-step procedure (see Instructional Video).
  • The Right Level is designed with asymmetrical tapered edges  to quickly apply the 3-4-5 rule (based on the Pythagorean Theorem), eliminating the need for a tape measure to perform the same task and requiring only one person, rather than two, to verify if the angle of two long, intersecting objects is exactly 90 degrees (see Features of The Right Level).
  • The Right Level includes 11 strategically placed vials, enabling it to determine if objects are level and plumb in various alignments.
  • The Right Level can be positioned flush on two intersecting objects at different angles, making it possible to measure shorter, confined objects for perpendicularity.
  • The Right Level is 5 feet long on its base, guaranteeing greater accuracy than a 4-foot-long level (see Features of The Right Level).
  • The Right Level provides a directional arrow, built-in side ruler, and numbered edge markings on both sides to simplify its use (see Features of The Right Level).
  • The Right Level contains no potentially hazardous lasers or fragile moving parts.