About The Right Level

The Right Level™ (trademark pending) is the brand name of a new, patented invention: a combination level and right angle measuring tool (Patent No. US 9,778,034 B2; October 3, 2017). The Right Level is being brought to market as the exclusive product of a U.S. veteran-owned small business startup launched by its inventor, Walter Rice of Gambrills, Maryland.

The Right Level that appears on the Home and Features of The Right Level pages, as well as the Instructional Video, is the original presentation box-beam wood prototype. It contains metal trim and rubber bumpers and was created by PRG Prototyping of Pittsburg, Kansas. A newer pre-production aluminum I-beam prototype of The Right Level (see Pre-Production Prototype), which also contains rubber bumpers, as well as magnets and replaceable parts, was recently fabricated by Gizmatic, of Oxon Hill, Maryland. The aluminum prototype is intended for commercial sales.

If you are interested in purchasing The Right Level, please respond through the Contact Information page and select “Yes” to the question, “Do you wish to be contacted when The Right Level becomes available for purchase?”